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12 Days HoneyMoon Tour in Sri Lanka

Kandy, Sri Lanka



12 days

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HoneyMoon Tour Srilanka
Experience the ideal balance of romance, relaxation, and adventure as you start the next, most significant chapter of your life.Sri Lanka would be a great place to spend the most significant time of your life with the most important individual in your life if you wished to make it even more a lifetime memory.Let’s explore what we have in store for the two of you!

Overview of your Magical Journey in Srilanka

Day 1: Arrival -beginning of a Dreamy adventure
Day 2 : A Romantic Evening in the heart of Colombo
Day 3 : Visit to the Cultural Traingle
Day 4 : Explore Lion Rock
Day 5 : Wildlife Safari
Day 6: Blessings for a lIfe time of Love at Tooth Relic Temple
Day 7: Explore Kandy City
Day 8: Travel to the Most Romantic City in Sri Lanka
Day 9: Explore the Beauty of Nuwaraeliya
Day 10: Reach Mirissa – Beach and Train Day!
Day 11 : Witness the Majesty of Whales
Day 12 : Cherish the last day y in Mirissa



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  • Vehicles from Hotels to Tourist Destinations
  • Food at Hotels
  • Tourist Destination Gatepass or Tickets

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Tour Plan

Welcome to the beautiful island,Sri Lanka!


  • Reach Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport.
  • Arrive at a charming beachfront resort or boutique hotel to be greeted with warmth.
  • Take a break and enjoy a meal together this evening.

Tips and Tricks for the Very First Day ;

Click on this Hotel: Cinnamon Grand Colombo to explore more about the Hotel you stay.

Keep your gadgets charged, your adapters available, and your safe,  documents handy at access.

Rest well before starting on a back-to-back journey.

Exploring through Colombo City

The largest and busiest city in Sri Lanka is Colombo, which also serves as its capital.It offers everything a traveler might want, including golden beaches, beach resorts, international restaurants, authentic Sri Lankan food, the Souvenior Collection, and a ton of interesting shopping centers.Highlights include the Gangaramay Temples, Galle Face Green, Independence Square, and Port City.

Activities :

  • Have a relaxed morning with each other.
  • Discover the cultural attractions of Colombo in the afternoon, including the IndependenceMemorial Hall and the Gangaramaya Temple.
  • Enjoy the sunset with a walk in love along Galle Face Green.
  • Staying the night in Colombo

How Can couples Enjoy In Colombo :

  • Walk through Galle Face green while enjoy Srilankan Food
  • Shop your favourite Brands at One Galle Face Mall
  • A visit to the pubs in Port City
  • Explore the street food options on Marine Drive.

Transfer to Dambulla

Activities :

  • Drive to the Cultural Triangle .
  • Along the way On the way, stop by the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.(Farm and a refuge for orphaned and injured elephants. )
  • A beautiful boutique hotel awaits you to  check in.
  • Relax, breathe in the peaceful surroundings while you spend the evening.

Click this Jetwing Vill Uyana, Dambulla to know more about the Hotel you will Stay .

Read More About Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

In Sri Lanka, refugee elephants are cared for at the Pinnawalla Elephant Orphanage.Because of its unique elephant population, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage has grown to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation. Established in 1975, it served as a refuge for five misplaced infant elephants, identified as Vijaya, Neela, Kadira, Mathlee, and Kumari. You can see elephants dance, take a bath, and experience their daily routine, which will add excitement and memories to your honeymoon.

Visit the Sigiriya UNESCO World Heritage Site


  • Visit to the "Lion Rock," also known as the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, early in the morning. Because of its historical and scenic significance, it is a must-visit.
  • Go back to your hotel ( Jetwing Vill Uyana, Dambulla) and relax in a cozy environment.

The Guide to Lion Rock

Fortress provides honeymooners with a magical experience. Breathtaking landscapes, charming garden walks, historic frescoes, and antiques will all add to the value of your journey.
Early in the morning is the ideal time to climb the cliff. Remain hydrated. Put on cozy shoes. Take your time and savor the occasion; don't rush.Note that you have about 1200 steps to complete. A staircase leads to the summit where you can take in the breathtaking view.

Minneriya National Park


  • In Minneriya National Park, take a thrilling jeep safari to see the famous elephant gathering.
  • Enjoy in the wildlife and beauty of nature together.
  • Go back to your hotel and recharge for the Next Adveture.

Important things to remember when taking a wild life safari :

  • Since animals are more active in the morning, it is best to visit the location early.
  • If you reserve a private jeep, you will enjoy a unique experience.
  • An experienced guide will show you the park's plants and animals.
  • Watch out for the elephants, deer, several kinds of birds, and other wildlife that live in Minneriya.
  • Remember to bring a zoom lens with you so you may take pictures of the animals. Having binoculars on your safari will allow you to observe them up close.
  • In order to shield oneself from the sun's rays, remember to wear sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.
  • Avoid brightly colored apparel since it may startle animals. and keep silent the entire way.

Exploring Culture


  • Travel to Kandy, Culturalheart of Srilanka.
  • Take a tour of the UNESCO-listed Dambulla Cave Temple.
  • Take a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Temple of the Tooth Relic.
  • Take a tour around Kandy Lake at your own pace.
  • Arrive at an antique hotel (Hotel: Theva Residency, Kandy)with views of the mountains around it.

Tips to Make Hillcountry Journey More Memorable ;

It's best to visit Dambulla Cave Temple early in the morning. Don't miss the five caverns containing antique Buddha paintings and statues.Are you aware that the first century BCE is when this cave temple was built?

Show respect by dressing modestly. During the day, make sure your knees and shoulders are covered.

It is an added bonus if you visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic during a puja (ceremonial offering) that includes a drumming performance.

Recall that shoes must be taken off in order to enter the temple.

Kandy Lake, constructed in 1807, has a calm ambience. Wearing comfortable shoes and lightweight attire can make exploring this significant location on foot easier.

The best weather is usually found in Kandy; neither heat nor cold can bring happiness into your life.

Discover Nature and Culture!


  • Visit to the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens.
  •  Explore the local stores,to find unique souvenirs.
  • Witness  a cultural dance performance in the evening.
  • Relax in the warm ambience of your hotel.

Get the Most Out of Your Exploration

  • The time to treasure the memory of exploring exotic plant species, such as a 130-year-old enormous Javan fig tree.The orchid collections in this garden from the fourteenth century will delight you.Read More Royal Botanical Garden 
  • When you visit the market, look for authentic Sri Lankan spices, vibrant textiles, and traditional handicrafts. You may remember that some of your family should receive gifts of essentials.Develop your negotiating talents, but make sure to do so politely and peacefully to maximize the value of your purchases.
  • To spend the day, don't forget to visit the local market and, in particular, the Kandy City Center. On the rooftop is a sophisticated and comfortable food court. Read more Kandy City Centre

Little England of "Sri Lanka"


  • Drive to Nuwaraeliya City
  • While traveling, take a walk through gorgeous tea farms, stop by a tea factory to sample tea, and engage in tea plucking.
  • Experience the breeze as it blows across misty mountain tops and cascading Ramboda waterfalls.
  • Arrive to a charming hotel with a historical flair.Click here Hotel: Araliya Green Hills Hotel, Nuwara Eliya to check more about the hotel you will stay.
  • Savor the calm atmosphere and the pleasant weather.

How to spend your days in the Most Romantic City ?

In order to adapt to the Nuwara Eliya climate,  pack a few more clothing.

It's time to take a walk in some beautiful, green tea gardens, enjoy the tea's aroma while picking, and discover how the laborious method of making tea actually ends up in our hands. Remember to appreciate their kindness towards you.

One of Sri Lanka's tallest waterfalls, Ramboda, is a captivating sight amidst the misty mountains that photographers won't want to miss.

If you're going on a hike together closer to fall, wear proper clothing.

You will understand why it is referred to as "Little England" when you consider the colonial past and the British influence visible in the architecture. Cherish every moment of it.

Fun Filled Day out


  • Discover the beautiful surroundings of Victoria Park and Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya.
  •  Enjoy a romantic evening by the fireplace at your Hotel

Victoria Park of Nuwaraeliya  was  once the Hakgala Botanical Garden's study area. In 1897, the park was formally named in honor of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

 Lake Gregory, commonly known as Gregory Lake or Gregory Reservoir, is a reservoir located in the center of Sri Lanka's hill town of Nuwara Eliya, which is known for its tea industry. In 1873, under the leadership of British Governor Sir William Gregory, Lake Gregory was formed.

Tips For the Day ;

  • Remember that nights might be colder than days. Put more layers on your dress.
  • Savor the serenityof the lakeside and the romantic boat trip.
  • How well you spend the romantic evening at your hotel by the fireplace is up to you.
    When you relax together and sip local wines, tea, or hot chocolate, you might want to consider dressing up elegantly for an extra special touch.

Towards the Beach Bliss in Mirissa 


  • From Nanu Oya Station in Nuwara Eliya, take a local train to Ella. Three-hour Scenic Train Travel to "Ella," the little paradise in the countryside.Considered the most famous destinations for Couples.Read more Ella 
  • Pick up at Ella Station and travel to the breathtaking beach town of Mirissa.
  • Arrive at a resort on the beach.
  • Relax on the beautiful sands or have a private meal on the beach.

More Fun & More Adventures ,Take Notes;

The train ride from Nuwara Eliya to Ella .

Make sure you dress comfortably so you can enjoy the breathtaking trip through verdant tea plantations and breathtaking scenery. when traveling by train.

When visiting Mirissa, remember to bring beach attire, sunglasses, and sunscreen so you can enjoy your time by the water.

You can capture the priceless moments on camera at Mirissa Golden Sands to add to your collection.

Make sure you are dressed to the nines for your supper in order to create a romantic and unforgettable experience.


  • Enjoy a morning whale watching adventure.
  • Take part in water activities, go snorkeling, or just relax in the sun.
  • Enjoy  your last day leisurely  in Sri Lanka.

Enjoy the Last Day at your Best ;

  • As you cruise by, keep an eye out for lively dolphins and spectacular blue whales.
  • The greatest time to enjoy a rich experience with marine life is now, as Sri Lanka is high with it. Prepare to be amazed by the amazing marine life.
  • Put on clothes that are acceptable for the water sports.
  • You may always go to the local market in the evening, sample some delicious Sri Lankan food, or just enjoy a relaxing walk along the beach.

Bid Farewell to this Beautiful Island


  • Take the coastal road to the airport.
  • While traveling, stop in Galle, view the "Galle Dutch Fort," a UNESCO World Heritage site, and explore the ramparts.
  • Take off from Bandaranaike International Airport with priceless honeymoon memories from Sri Lanka.

Thank you for Visiitng Sri Lanka

Having you here to see the wonders of our varied landscapes, immerse yourself in the rich fabric of our culture, and make lifelong memories was an incredible delight. We are very grateful that we had the chance to share in your unique journey, as your presence added an extra sparkle to our shores.We wish you good luck !


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